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Ghost or you?

Do you believe what YOU see OR see what YOU believe?
If you ask someone: “Do you BELIEVE in ghosts?”, whether or not they have seen, heard or felt a ghost usually depends on wether they believe in them.
Belief is created by imagination, you must first imagine the scenario then you can establish the belief. Albert Einstein said “Imagination is more important than knowledge”. Just look all around you, most of what you see has been created by mans’ imagination, at some point in time. What if the “unknown" or "ghosts“ are created by our imagination as well? What if we are the center of our universe creating our own realities?
Think about those cliché sayings such as “YOUR own self-fulfilling prophecy”, “it's all just in YOUR head" or “don’t put too much energy into it”, what if imagination is energy?
How about exorcisms? If you’ll notice, they occur in the Catholic or Christian religions, because they BELIEVE in demon possession? Or at some point someone imagined a really scary story that people now believe, and create from their own fear. Or how about séances, perhaps they occur from the collaboration of energy of each contributing person willing something to happen?
I often ponder this at home late at night, while the rest of the house is quiet and the house settles it‘s little creepy cracks. I begin to get that eerie feeling like a cold breeze that runs right through me making my stomach twirl. The bedroom lights start to flicker, “what was that?", then they flicker again, only making my stomach spin even more.  Then my dog begins to growl, fixating on an unknown presence in the corner of my shadowy room.   
Then I snap myself out of it, realizing at that moment I have a choice to control this fear before it grabs control of me, leaving me paralyzed and weak. I tell myself to stop and take a few deep breaths, change my focus on a book or the television and the dog stops growling and the lights cease to flicker.
What do you believe?

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Lena on Wednesday, October 27, 2010 4:34 PM
This topic is very interesting, your perspective is enlightening. I also believe that our thoughts control our lives, please keep sharing, I am looking forward to your next blog entry.
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