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Wake UP!

“A person starts to live when he can live outside himself.”
-Albert Einstein

It was a rainy morning, as I headed off to the grocery store, I filled the cart checking off my list, unloaded, swiped my debit card and requested $20.00 cash back. Since this is something I do all the time, I took my groceries and receipt not even thinking or bothering to make sure I was given my $20.00.

I walked to the car and then it dawned on me, I didn’t get my $20.00 back, I headed back inside the store and reminded the cashier of his mistake, he apologized. I headed across the street for my coffee fix, gave the barista the $20.00, she gave me my change and I walked away. I looked in my hand at the $2.00 she had given me thinking, no way, either I am really sleepy today or losing my mind. I waited for the barista to take the next customer’s order then asked her if I had given her a $20, I was unsure myself, but knew that was the only cash I had. She looked at me like she would a thief and said “I do not recall that”. Once she looked in her register and realized she had made the mistake she nervously gave me $15.00 back.

All I could do was laugh and tell the woman standing next to me, how I had almost lost my money twice in the last 10 minutes!. She said I should probably just go home and call it a day. I could do that, at only 9:30 am, or I could take a look at what the universe was trying to tell me here, and flip it around to another lesson learned.

The first step to this learning process was to realize that this money obviously is not meant for me, and be happy that I was awake enough to realize it. The next step was to figure out what I was going to do with it? I headed back to my car and saw this wise old man that I often see standing in front of the store; he waits there in hopes of a construction job. I see him in front of the store often, and am always intrigued by his eyes. When you look at them it‘s as if you can sense generations upon generations of his ancestors with head feathers, dancing around fires calling out to nature. I casually walked up to him handed him the money, smiled, walked to my car, waved and drove away. I made a point to keep my ego in check, and just gave him the money happily releasing it into the infinite universe.

On my ride back home I had a little more time to think about the message the universe was trying to convey to me today. I had thought back on the week, and upon reflection, realized how selfish and SELF-ABSORBED I have been, thinking about everything I have to do, comparing myself to others, becoming angry and filled with self pity, and putting myself in this little box. I was reminded once again, that when you look solely within (selfishly) and not focus on the outer world with compassion for your fellow man, the universe has the ability to take things away from you. The universe obviously wanted to take my $20, until I figured out that I needed to give it away.

We all have a duty to contribute and keep the flow of the universe going, otherwise we are useless to society and humanity. When you feel angry, or self-absorbed, do something kind for someone, it will make you feel so much lighter, because it’s so natural. Just remember the universe has an abundance of information for you, you just have to make the choice to listen.

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