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Ego Evolution

Ego has a voracious appetite, the more you feed it, the hungrier it gets. 
-Nathaniel Bronner Jr.
We have all encountered THAT person, the fortunate one that the entire universe was arranged for. She is exceptional, intellectual, well-traveled and sophisticated. If you don’t believe me, just ask her, she will tell you all about how great she is. She has fallen in love and is completely enamored with herself. Talking for hours about her exciting life and all of it’s uniqueness. In her eyes you are just a little person who wants to be close to her, if only for just a moment, but you can never be as talented and as fortunate. Right? Wrong!
We all want to feel special or different in some way and to stand out from others. Society conditions us to be competitive, to be the best, to be a winner! If you’re unable to gain attention by being the winner, then you will search for attention in more negative ways. Just look at our children, they begin practicing this at a very young age. The bottom line is that we all need energy to survive, we crave it, and then unconsciously take it from others. Can you guess what I am talking about yet? Well it’s the EGO.

The definition of ego is a feeling of pride or superiority over others. The ego is the self especially as contrasted with another self or the world, a feeling of separation with the rest of the world. We all have an ego, some being more obvious to the outside world than others.
The insatiable ego is never satisfied, and hungers for attention and energy, the more it get‘s the more it wants, it‘s truly ravenous. Some people choose to feed their egos through materialistic means which makes them feel as if they are a step above others. They gorge themselves on vanity and things like clothes, cars and jewels, to be more classy or flashy. We all know those material things are only temporary and satisfy us for a short time, and then we need more and more to sustain, it’s like an addiction. Others feed their ego by instigating fights, interrogating others, gossiping, judging or being the victim. Even the most seemingly altruistic or shy person is solely concerned with their ego. So unless you are a saint, you have an ego.
Ego is the root of all wars and unrest amongst people. It’s that fighting fire with fire
, ego with ego. That burning need to be right or superior. Aren’t you getting tired of struggling, and fighting with others? It‘s so exhausting. Isn’t it time for us to begin to evolve and rise above these animalistic ways?
The only way to evolve, and gain peace within ourselves and each other is by working on controlling the ego. If you remove the ego, there is nothing more to fight about, only peace and understanding remain.
The key is to admit and recognize that you have an ego. This recognition brings your unconscious egotistical ways into the conscious so you can notice them, release them, and evolve.
Once you get your own SELF out of the way and clear a space, you will see that all of the love and energy you have EVER needed or wanted is within you, not in other people or temporary things. You can re-connect with your higher self
 or soul, and feel the love again, for yourself and others.
Evolution begins with your involution!

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Jenn on Tuesday, March 15, 2011 6:41 AM
Every time I feel my ego getting too strong in either direction (thinking too highly of myself or feeling too sorry for myself), I park an image on the opposite side of my self to remind me. For instance, if I'm feeling superior-- and this impossible without comparing yourself to someone who has less, then I remind myself of someone who has more. I park someone with more in my mind on the other side of that comparison, to remind myself that I will always have more than some, less than others. I see myself between the two that have less and more, then I send them both love.
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