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A Walk Back In Time

“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly” -proverb
27 May 2011 -Today was my very first EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) session via skype with Nathan Martin, EFT coach. Initially, I was anxious about being exposed and vulnerable, since I always feel like I have to be the “strong“ one. Yet, I knew in my heart it was time to get help for myself, I was sick of suffering and ready for a change.
Knowing that life is a delicate balance of give and take, I went into the session with trust and openness, my highest intention was to put my ego aside and allow space for healing to take place.

Nathan and I started the session by talking a little bit about my childhood issues and some of my current issues as well. Then Nathan showed me the pressure points, and we began “tapping”. He then asked me to look down at my heart which is a way to get in touch with my feelings, and then to tell my story.
After tapping on my pressure points, Nathan told me we were going to travel back in time and then he snapped his fingers and just like magic we were at my Grammy’s apartment sometime in the 80‘s. I was a ghost watching my life. I took a good look around my Grammy’s humble smoke filled apartment and saw little Natalie (who we’ll call Greenbug from now on) hiding alone behind the blue lazy boy chair. She was terrified and unsure of the volatile world exploding all around her. Just beyond the sanctuary of the chair, there is screaming, fighting, violence and drinking. Preoccupied and stuck in their dysfunction, no one even notices Greenbug hiding there. It was if there were 2 different realities occurring spontaneously in one apartment; the adult world of drama and the sad lonely world of Greenbug.
Although initially painful, I knew that with Nathan safely guiding me through the darkness of my past, I would be okay. Then my ghost (the future me) became real. Nathan asked me to walk over to the chair and ask Greenbug if she wanted to talk. So I did, and she agreed. I asked her if she’d like to take a walk to the beach, she nodded her head yes, so we strolled hand in hand down the street. When we got to the beach we did Greenbug’s favorite thing and roller-skated together on the boardwalk until the sun began to set.
As we walked back to the apartment, I told Greenbug how much I love her, and how important she is to me. I told her that it wasn’t her fault that her grandpa died, or that she was surrounded by death. I told her that there was nothing to feel guilty about, she is just a kid.
Once we arrived back at my Grammy’s apartment we made Greenbug’s favorite meal, silver dollar pancakes with hot syrup, we laughed and had a great time together as batter was scattered about. I told Greenbug it was time for bed, so I tucked her in and told her a story about raindrop and infinity. I made sure she was all nice and cozy, and gave her a bunch of kisses, assuring her that I’d always be here for her, if she ever felt scared.
At the end of the session Nathan asked me what Greenbug was doing, I told him she was dancing freely around the living room.
Immediately after the session I felt so much lighter and alive. My fingertips and toes were tingling, the heaviness I felt before was washed away, and replaced with vibrant energy that ran effortlessly throughout my body.

It’s been a week or so since my last EFT session, and although I know I still have more issues to tackle, and I am having sporadic emotional releases which I openly allow to flow, I notice a huge difference in my thought patterns. Certain thoughts that would normally trigger fear or anger, no longer have an emotional charge or effect on me. The world doesn‘t seem as dismal, there is light and hope at the end of the tunnel. It seems as though EFT removed or released layers of grief, guilt and shame which is allowing me to reclaim my innocence once again. I am looking at the world with a brand new set of eyes!
Physically, I have struggled with chronic asthma my entire life, which I believe has been due to grief, and I am happy to say, I have not had to use my inhaler! This is absolutely amazing! Major props to Nathan and EFT!
We will be having another session soon, and I will provide you with another full report. To contact Nathan or to find out more about EFT, you can visit his website at
I would definitely recommend a session with Nathan, it will change your life. My outlook on life has changed dramatically after just one session, I am excited and willing to fully embrace life.
Don’t waste any more time being unhappy, and as Nathan says, “Help is just a tap away”.

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Nathan Martin EFT on Saturday, June 11, 2011 6:24 PM
Great article Natalie, I really enjoyed our session together, and am honored to have the opportunity for future sessions! Thanks!!!
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