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The Walk Of Freedom

"Be a lamp unto yourself.  Work out your liberation with diligence"
-Buddha quotes
Last week I had another EFT session With Nathan Martin, EFT Coach.  Since my first session with Nathan, so many fantastic and deeply profound things have been occurring in my life.  I am truly growing by leaps and bounds, or shall I say releasing my fears, guilt, shame, and any other darkness and negativity I may have picked up along my way.
We began the session once again by tapping on the pressure points, and I began to tell my story.  I traveled back in time once again, but this time I traveled back to see the 12 or 13 year old “Nat”.  This time I was in my room at my Dad’s house.  I had just left the violence, drama, death and misery that was my Grandmother’s house, to live with my Dad.  There I sat sitting on my bed in my new room for the very first time. I was wearing my favorite jeans, the ones that I had painted with flowers and other designs, my doc martins were also painted by me.  I had purple hair and a side pouch filled with my prized possessions, my art supplies.  I watched Nat sitting on the bed looking around at the perfectly clean and sanitized room.  Everything was placed in its designated spot, not a speck of dust better dare to land on the dresser or mirrors.    But Nat felt all but perfect, how could she fit into this room?  Her clothes smelled of smoke, her emotions were clouded with pain, and there was a general murkiness that surrounded her being.  This made Nat feel extremely vulnerable and exposed.  She knew how messy she was, and messes were not allowed, she felt trapped and scared.  She just wanted to run away and hide.
So I said hello to Nat, and I told her just how perfect I think she is, messes and all.  She is perfect, even with her faults, because she’s Nat, and I love her.  We spent some time painting together and we dropped a little bit of paint onto the carpet.  Nat looked at me afraid of being caught.  I assured her that I had a special paint remover that could clean up the paint.  I also told her that it was okay to make a mess, it’s just a mess!
After painting for a while, we walked quietly together just "BEing" along the strand to the beach.  This was such a liberating walk, the feeling I experienced while walking with Nat was like no other, within that moment there was complete freedom to be who she is…and at that moment I was set free, to be ME.
As usual after the session, I felt absolutely fantastic and completely awake and alive.  Since then, I am so proud to say that the biggest change in me is that I am speaking my truth, whether or not someone agrees, it’s just me, and that’s okay,  and I am ready to share myself with the world.
I am not afraid of myself, dirty and all! As a matter of fact I was walking down the street the other day, head held high, posture straight wind in my hair, and felt the warmth of the earth beneath my feet.  I looked down, I forgot my shoes, and this was fantastic! I would have NEVER walked barefoot as a kid because it is too dirty.  I felt like a child soaking up the enormous amount of energy that this earth has to share with me.  And you know what? I am ready to experience and live!
If you want the freedom that YOU deserve, contact Nathan Martin for and EFT session. I assure you that it will be the best thing you have ever done for yourself.  I will be having another session soon, stay tuned!

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