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EVOLUTION Is A Natural Instinct

I have been thinking a lot about instincts and intuition (to me these are the same thing). If we travel back to our ancient ancestors, before our fears were handed down to us through conditioning from our parents, society, etc… instincts were something that came natural to ALL of us. We were in touch with the earth and it’s cycles, we knew where to go, where to find food, etc… we were survivors living in harmony with nature. For example, if you think about birds, they still have their “natural” instincts when they all fly south for the winter. There are no barriers to their instincts. They just get the urge and they go.
This is very different for us. We are confused and disoriented. We have forgotten to think for ourselves, we just go along with what we were taught or are told. This is because all the fears, worries, anxieties, of society, our parents etc…have been stuffed in our subconscious minds, causing us to become robots and to lose our “natural instincts”.
I have been thinking a lot about “gut feelings” for example. I used to believe that when you had a “gut” feeling about something it meant whatever it is you thought at that moment was the truth.
I have decided to travel within, without any outer influences to find out my own truth about “gut feelings”. I have found that my “gut” feeling acts up after I have a fearful thought, about something or someone. In thorough examination of the thought, I have found that this is not the truth. The thought is a conditioned response to past experiences, and information, that I allowed as truth, which then penetrated my subconscious mind. I have also noticed that when I have thoughts about loss, I get a wave of fear and anxiety that penetrates my heart, and leaves me feeling breathless. But if I think loving thoughts, there are no ill feelings in my body, because LOVE is natural. LOVE is truth.
The key here is to be vigilant of your body, mind and spirit, to be awake, alert and present enough to be able to differentiate between the original “natural instincts” or the conditioned “gut feelings”. Watch yourself from a detached stand point, and you will learn so much. Listen to what your heart is really saying. As you recognize these patterns or triggers you can begin to release them.
When you use your natural instincts more, then you will find that miracles begin to happen, because you are open to your higher self and you will naturally go wherever spirit leads you. The time has come for truth, and the only place to find it is within. Remember it’s never as scary as you think.
Enjoy the journey of un-learning everything you have been taught!
Evolution is a natural instinct!

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