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I have been thinking a lot about what it means to be self-reliant, and struggling with how I can become secure only in MYSELF.
I have been resisting being self-reliant, clinging to both material possessions and people, because I believed that these things gave me security.
I contemplated this as I drove through a Mexican restaurant today…my total was $6.96…and I had an aha moment ...69 that’s it! NO! not that kind of 69 you’re thinking, 69 meaning my sign, the astrological sign of cancer, which also means balance.
I realized I had been totally out of balance, I had been doing a great job going within and fixing myself, but I wasn‘t coming out, and I wasn‘t sharing, It was ALL about ME. I was being selfish and greedy, hoarding people, material possessions, etc...It occurred to me that I was only giving love and things because I had expected something in return, and wanted to be in control, or have the upper hand. I wanted the stability of knowing that if I gave, should I ever need them, they would then owe me, and be there.
This was my illusion of security.
Stability and security can never come from anywhere else other than within yourself. If you are trying to use people for things or energy and not giving in return, you are totally out of balance with the world. Think about it the world is in itself a perfect eco-system.
The universe holds within it natural laws that keep everything in balance, the LAW of compensation states that if you give you get, the universe is fair. Whatever it is you give, good or bad, you ALSO get.
You can learn balance by starting to take a leap of faith and ignoring that pesty voice of the ego by being the first to give LOVE. You will find that a whole new world opens up to you. I believe that if you do as many kind deeds as possible, you can quickly break the karmic cycle.
Balance is going within, then without, giving, taking, play and rest, and so on.
Balance keeps the mind body and spirit aligned which keeping you at a high vibration, and attracting all the abundance you had ever dreamt possible, you just have to make your choice between LOVE and FEAR. Remember that EVERY situation holds within it these choices. Chose LOVE!

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