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This is an except from a book called "Rays Of The Dawn" Natural laws of the body, mind, and soul by Dr. Thurman Fleet...

Each individual soul is destined to fulfill some mission on this earth plane. The soul’s life is patterned according to it’s stage of evolution. The path the soul must travel to fulfill its duties will be burdensome or free from pain and worry to the degree that the individual understands and obeys the laws of its being.
Consider how the rays of the sun individually function to produce part of the great light illuminating the universe. Each ray is an integral unit while being a composite part of the whole-yet they function without interfering with each other. So each individual soul must play its part cheerfully and willingly, contributing to the whole and yet refraining from any interference with another souls function or mission.
Each person has a role to carry out in accordance with higher laws. To perform that mission no one should be unduly interfered with. We see so many people who in their egotistical manner assume the responsibility of instructing or otherwise impending the destiny of others who do not desire such instruction. This is a violation of law.
We should center our hearts and minds on the work assigned to us and should only interfere with the thought or activity of others when such intrusion is warranted. There should be no time to find fault with others or to pry into their affairs. The world would be an infinitely happier place to live if only each individual would mind his or her own business. The person who is constantly prying is not motivated by desire to help someone else, but rather to satisfy curiosity about something that does not concern that person.
It is not sufficient for us to refrain on intruding on the affairs of other in deed only. We must abstain in thought, word and deed. In fact the first intrusion is always in thought, and much destruction may be wrought even though such transgression does not go past the mental plane. Furthermore it is not only necessary for us to learn not to intrude on others, but we must guard our own territory with equal care. We make the utmost effort to protect earthy possessions, but the treasures of the mind and soul are often left wide open to intrusion.
There are always consequences when the mind is carried away from the body and from its activity in abstract thinking or speculation, when it in any way intrudes on another domain, or when it is influenced or disturbed by being intruded upon or disturbed by its own errors. During these activities, vibrations set in motion pierce, open and scatter the soul-to the degree that the agitations are violent or prolonged. Thus the soul is constantly exposed to chaotic, contaminating, and deadening conditions that fill the very atmosphere of the earth.
When we become acquainted with the truth about life-the laws governing our being and how to apply them-immediately we want to teach others. But often we find that others are not ready to accept the truth. Their minds are closed to anything that might militate against their opinions, beliefs, prejudices, and superstitions. They are not eager to seek the lighted path, but rather choose to struggle onward in darkness, adhering to their artificial way of living and thinking. Some people must experience terrific psychic upheaval resulting from long continued suffering before their minds and souls are awakened and they can understand and obey the laws of life.
We should never impose our way of living and thinking on other. Our divine authority over ourselves does not grant us the least jurisdiction over our neighbors. We have the capacity to control, our own thinking and to determine what is best for us, but we are not always in a position to judge what is best for our neighbors. When we have evolved to the point in recognizing the unique individuality and divine freedom of every human being, then we will allow others the liberty to think for themselves. The other person may have a better way of life-and may be a step lower or higher on the path-but that is none of our concern.
Helpfulness without interference comes as a natural consequence to understanding the underlying unity of all. We can not stand aside when others are in distress. Though we can not always give physical aid, it is our duty to offer our sympathy, kindness, patience and love.
Forgiveness and love come in the wake of understanding. We must realize that everyone has their own interpretation of life and that the shortest, easiest road for one person is not necessarily the most direct route for another. Each of us has the right and privilege to take our own evolution in hand according to our understanding-so long as we do not interfere with the well being of our neighbor.
It is not our duty to direct another’s life but only to make sure that we are in the right in our relations with others. Before we attempt to force others to pursue our path, we would be wise to investigate their course. Their way might be better for them. The law of charity dictates that we must always be ready to help other people to the fullest extent of our ability-but we must never interfere.

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Aboloft on Sunday, March 03, 2013 2:34 AM
In this regard I agree with you that each person has a role to carry out in accordance with higher laws. Thanks a lot mate for this kind of allotment. Carry on.
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mcitp on Tuesday, March 26, 2013 11:01 PM
Thanks a lot mate for this kind of allotment. Carry on.
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MCITP MCSE on Sunday, March 31, 2013 11:00 PM
This is too informative. i like your post. thanks for share it.
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