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Inner Peace

The only way to find peace in the world is to find peace within yourself.

It is so important to me to remember as fellow humans, fellow journeyers, brothers and sisters, that we are all ONE expressing in a myriad of colors, forms, tunes, and vibrations.  When you mix us all together, we become the whole.  There is no white without black, no up without down, we balance each other perfectly, and we need each other JUST as we are, there is no me without you.  Everyone of us is on our own personal journey, our own path, some further, some closer, but does that even matter? it’s all relative, we are all going to end up in the same place, we ALL have the same destination.

I remind myself every day how important it is to have empathy and compassion for my fellow journeyers, even if I have already learned their lesson, that is even more reason to have compassion for them and the space they are in, because I have already been there, and know how it feels.  So to condemn another, would be to condemn myself.  I think about all of the times I have gotten mad and wasted so much energy on being angry, because others don’t see things the way I do, because they don’t think the same way I do, but again, it is their own journey, each of us has a unique take on life.  To get angry, and try to force someone to see your side does not bring peace to the world, rather this energy just perpetuates that very hateful energy, that you are working so hard to cleanse.

Seriously, since the beginning of time we have been at war trying to force others to see our side, it’s never going to happen, nor should it, we all have the right to be as we wish, to think as we wish, and to live as we choose.  To try and force anyone to think like you, to do as YOU say, is to imprison them, into your thoughts an beliefs...Is to take away their freedom.  We all want to be free.  Let go, release each other and live your life, live it with purpose and love, or hate, or whatever YOU choose.  Respect free will.

Love no matter if you see eye to eye or even if you don‘t, even if feel you know more, or have seen more.  We are all innocent at the core, and no matter how we come across, deep down inside each and every one of us, all we want is love and acceptance just as we are.  So look past the illusions, the fears, the finicky details, drop your control dramas, and see beyond, what lies beyond all the shadows of each of us is the same, life force energy and love.

We are all connected, so think wisely as to what energy you send out in the world, because what affects the whole also affects you.  We are ONE.

We have a choice in how we create our reality, you are writing your script, how does the rest of your movie play out?


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Learn How to Meditate on Monday, May 21, 2012 9:18 PM
Inner peace is what I really need, the peace that the world cannot give. Maybe this world can give us a peace from all the pleasure that can give us happiness, but it’s only a short period of time. However, we can find inner peace, the peace that no one can get away from us; it is a peace that comes from God. And one of the best ways I know where we can get inner peace is through meditation, meditating the word of God day and night.
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baby carriers on Wednesday, September 12, 2012 1:54 PM
Definitely we all want to be free, and also love and acceptance just as we are. We are One, indeed.
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Nike Air Jordan on Thursday, May 02, 2013 7:20 PM
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