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Unconditional Love IS Freedom

"In the sky, there is no distinction of east and west; people create distinctions out of their own minds and then believe them to be true." -Buddhist quote

I have been on this path of unconditional love for a while, and to be fully honest with you, it is not the easiest path to travel, it is especially hard on the ego.  The bratty ego wines, fights, claws and scratches, holding on for dear life every step of the way, and it can be pretty exhausting at times.  These lessons in unconditional love have challenged EVERY single idea and belief I have held, and the way I have lived my life so far.  I have realized that everything I “thought” was love, or the ways in which I would approach love, have been so selfish, manipulative and controlling.
When you take a good look at what unconditional love really means, it’s as if the world in which you thought you new turns upside down, leaving you confused and dumbfounded by this new perspective.  But trust me, if you hang in there, before you know it your world will shift and change settling in once again to a new you, transitioning from the ego self to your higher self.  It is re-birth, you are starting right at the beginning, learning an entirely new way of being and relating, and within this new way is freedom, something we ALL want, freedom for yourself and others.

A few nights ago I did a New Moon Ritual to call in the new energy of the moon to assist in manifesting my intentions.  Specifically, I had asked to experience open heart unconditional love with many people.  Well just a few days later, I have to thank the universe, because these lessons have already began.  I am learning much about what it takes to keep your heart open, even when you become afraid, and things don’t pan out as you would have wished.  

As you know if there are unfavorable and hurtful things happening to you in your external world, that is because those things are mirroring you, what you do to people, and the way you treat people, otherwise known as karma.  
So I decided to turn my focus inward and had a flash back to quite some months back when my ex told me specifically “ Natalie, if people don’t fit into this perfect mold that you have created, then you just throw them away”.  At the time I laughed and blew it off, haha! So funny.  Well, then I looked a little closer at me, and realized he was right!, I have hurt countless people, and broken so many hearts because of this, it is true as soon as they don’t fit, I close up and move on.

Unconditional love from a oneness perspective says that we are all the same regardless of our external situations, that past all the illusions of the external world, there is a beautiful beating heart that is full of love in every one of us.  The same energy that flows trough me, is the same that flows through you.  To love unconditionally is to see that about every one, no matter what race, economic situation, style, etc…a person carries on the external world.

See, I realize I have had a problem thinking about what friendships “should be” what love “should be” I have created the perfect lover, friend, family member in my own mind according to my expectations.  This is conditional love, and instead of keeping an open heart, I close off and close my heart refusing to go deeper into love if another doesn‘t meet our expectations.
Everyone must be included.  And what I am realizing is that if I want to remain having an open heart, no one is excluded, no idea take precedence, and I mustn’t have any expectations about anything, what way I think a situation should go or be, or how a person should respond.  As soon as I have an idea,  I shut myself off to the universe and the gifts she brings.

In order to fully surrender and allow the universe to guide me, I have to move out of my way and remain open.  My ego self needs to step aside, and set down it’s wants and desires, to see where the spirit takes me.  Letting my higher self step in and guide me.  Times are always changing, situations are always changing, I am along for the ride.  

I allow the flow to work through me, what a journey we are on!

Enjoy this EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) video on freedom by Nathan Martin,

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