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Root Chakra- Being The Victim

I have been submerged deep into the dark roots of the root chakra…

Here lies the victim, the one who has been hurt, slapped, and broken hearted by the world and all it’s injustices.  I realize just how much I have played this card, and how I have often felt this way, asking “why me?” “why has life been so hard for me?”.  

Feeling tired and depleted by this horrible cruel world, and yet the blows just kept on coming, the tide just kept on pulling me out into the turbulent seas, no matter how much I cried about it, no matter how much I begged and pleaded for it to stop.  asking “How can I make it here? How can I survive in this reality?” “Why isn't anyone helping me?”

When it got to be too much and I could not handle any more of the emotion, the pain and the sadness, I tried to have the analogy of just letting it all go, letting whatever is to happen…happen.  And that I did, I let EVERYTHING go, my possessions, my marriage, my home, my family.  I renounced my entire life, because I couldn't care any more, I left this reality and flew right out of my body, at first I was blissful, without a care in the world I was floating weightlessly in outer space.  Traveling further and further away from this reality, by choice (it’s all by choice).  But then I consciously realized I was lost, and I didn't know how I would find my way back here…and with that realization, it just kept getting more and more intense and frightening being so far away from my own body and myself. Spinning in a whirlpool of craziness and illusion where I had no control, and begged, pleaded and prayed to find myself again.  

Now I know you CAN command your life, and the root chakra is the chakra where it all begins, where you stand up, get up and rid yourself from this victim consciousness for good! I am NOT a victim, and I will NOT be washed away with the shore.  This is where you command your emotions, and master yourself, pick yourself up and get out there.  Where you make life work for you.  Where you take action, physical action to make it happen.  This is where manifestation comes from.   

I realize that we are all responsible for ourselves, and our own lives.  When you become the victim, everyone else must be responsible for you, and when they are responsible for you, they also have control over you.  Do you want that? Or do you want to take control of your own life and live a life of freedom?  The choice is yours…at the root, this is just the start, but I know just like the phoenix out of the ashes, I/we can rise above!


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