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Root Chakra-Commitment

I have asked myself what is reality? and what is true for me?

I have spent a number of months in illusion, not wanting to see life for what it is, running from it because of all the “many issues” I have had with this reality, which I have tried so hard not to face or see.  So it was much easier to create a dream world in my head, but then I realized that the reality factor was missing.  I do believe I can have a balance between dreaming and reality, a place where dreams can become reality!

I spent a lot of time setting intentions for myself, drawing pictures, and praying, but I realize that in order to bring dreams into reality you must bring them down to this reality and use your reasonable and conscious mind to set a plan, a plan as to how you are going to achieve that dream.  With heaven and earth working together all your dreams can become reality.

It takes commitment, something I am getting more comfortable with every day.  I know that I must be committed to my dream, and also have realistic ideas about what that means.

I noticed that I had a major issue being committed to anything, or sticking with a plan.  I would get frustrated right at the beginning of most endeavors, throw in the towel and run away.  This is because I did not have realistic expectations as to what it means to be committed to something.  Commitment means staying strong through good times and bad.  Reality and reason tells me that life is a mixture of emotions, emotions that are both comfortable and un-comfortable, if I run away when any sort of uncomfortable emotion arises, I will never bare fruit in anything I have set out to accomplish, because I will have given up too easily.  It is about having courage and the strength to work through anything that arises along the path to your dreams and make it through.

Now that I have a more realistic approach to life, I feel more settled and so much more grounded!

Putting one foot in front of the other, I am on my way…reminding myself to slow down and be patient when frustration sets in…I hope this has helped! 

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