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Lifting The Veil

So I asked for the veil of illusion to be removed from my eyes

Well, you always get what you ask for.  Often times to reach clarity you have to go through deep pain and confusion as you must bravely and courageously face the ways in which you have been lying to yourself.  When you are trapped in illusion (maya) you are lying to yourself about what really is, the reality and the truth of this moment and your circumstances.  Although so painful, this sort of discernment cuts right through to the core with laser focus to see what is really there, this is lifting the veil. 

Often times the truth does hurt, but it is through this acceptance of what is, and refusing to deceive yourself that you are able to accept everything as it is, and spend time on what truly matters.  When you live a life of truth and discernment…that is a meaningful life, a life of depth and true love.

Wisdom knows who is there and who is not, yet often we live so wrapped up in a dream world that we have created in our own minds that we lose touch with this reality.  We see only what we (our egos) want to see and a lot of the times we miss what is really there.  I have done this so much.  Making a situation something totally different then it actually is, romanticizing it in my head, always to be disappointed with what is.  

Dreaming is beautiful, and your dreams can become reality, with clarity, but I have realized I also have to be here, and not escape into the fantasy world that exists only in my head.  So many times out of wanting to close my eyes to the harshness of this reality, that fantasy world (the world of illusion) looks quite appealing to me, and can be quite easy to get lost in.
But I have made an intention to wake up, and waking up is seeing what is with clarity, seeing through all that is false and illusion.

Cheers to the owl, my amazing totem that has sat on my shoulder for years, it is the totem of wisdom, discernment and truth the totem which lights up your blind side.  Although she may bring deep, and painful lessons at times, she always leads you to the light of truth protecting you and flying right beside you the whole way.  A faithful guide, a wise teacher, ruled by the moon, and the unseen.  Keeper of secrets, which she confides in you, for the betterment of all, for the love that shines in our hearts and for the truth that sets us free!


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