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Intimate Communication

How are your communication skills? Do you tell the truth, are you open about how you are feeling, or do you hide behind yourself?

I believe that communication is the key to true intimacy and closeness.  It breaks down the walls that separate us and brings us together to share ideas, fears, aspirations and ourselves with others.  This is how we truly get to know someone.
Now, if your words are a misrepresentation of who you are because you are not being authentic this is going to create problems in the future when your actions don’t match your words, and that creates a disconnect between you and who you are “claiming” to be.  This can create more walls in intimacy.

I believe this disconnect occurs because we don’t know ourselves fully.  We often get wrapped up in what we consider to be our good parts and our bad parts, and are afraid the show what we consider to be the not so flattering parts of ourselves so we hide behind our goodness.  But the truth is that if we accept both our strengths and weaknesses and acknowledge all of us, we can fully show up wherever we are.  We don’t have to change because we want to fit the mold of what someone else wants us to be, we are proud of ourselves, because we have taken the time to know ourselves fully.

I we can admit our shortcomings we can also be kinder and gentler with others.  The truth of the matter is none of us is perfect, we are human.  We can fly off the handle, we can get snappy or crabby, we each have our own idiosyncrasies, but that is what makes it so exciting! And it is all forgivable!

Intimacy is the willingness to get to know yourself.

Note to self: Be kind to me

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